Please follow me to The Payline, the only company that offers free air miles and cash rewards daily.


This is a Malaysian website with the original intention to promote The PayLine Travel & Lifestyle website around the world. Now with the emergence of Silver Bull Travel & Trading Club, it is only appropriate to include it to give a similar coverage. This website will be updated at least once a week!

This website shall help you to decide whether you shall enroll with The PayLine Inc. or the Silver Bull Travel & Trading Club. To make a quick comparison between The PayLine's Compensation Plan and Silver Bull's Compensation Plan, I tabulate below both Travel Clubs for your kind perusal and consideration.

Quick Overview of The PayLine versus Silver Bull Compensation Plans


The PayLine Inc.

Silver Bull Travel & Trading Center

Official Website 

Location of Company

4250, Executive Square, La Jolla, California, U.S.A.

1429 South 69th East Ave., Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.A. 74112

Corporate Email ;;

Telephone Contact   

(Customer Service) 00-1-888-349-6949; (General Info) 00-1-858-625-4222 

(General Info) 00-1- 918-836-7800

Working Hours          

7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (Monday to Friday) Central Standard Time

9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Monday to Friday) Central Standard Time


Travel & Lifestyle Rewards

Travel & Trading Rewards

Date Launched 11-03-2001

25-4-2001 (Pre-launched)

Date Commenced Paying 26-03-2001 01-5-2001 (Expected)
Type of Payout Plan One line Referral System Worldwide


Members in your organization Every member who enrolled after you Same
Type of Rewards Air Mileage & Cash Rewards Same
Earning Air Miles  One Air Mile for every member who enrolled after you Same
Earning Cash Rewards Minimum 5 Referrals; No maximum Minimum 2 referrals; No maximum
Daily Cash Rewards/Bonus Formula = No. of referral points (1 referral = 1 point) multiplied by 50% of the Total Membership Sales and divided by Total Points in Cash Pool on that day.

Actual Payout, Value per point on 3/26/2001: $116.98

For example, if you made 8 referrals, the maximum daily earning is US$1000 per day and you will earn 8 x 116.98 = $935.84

(This earning cap shall be maintained each year as long as you are a member)

Formula = 80% of the half (50%) of the Total Membership Sales divided by Total Number of Qualifiers in that day for the first part;

Top 100 Network marketers addn 10% divided by 100 and Top 500 Network marketers addn 10% divided by 500

For example, daily commissions to qualified members for 250 sales is 0.80 X50% x (250x 189) = $18,900.00

If there are 200 qualified members, each qualified member will receive 18,900 divided by 200 qualified members = $94.50 commission that day.


Duration of Rewards 30 days for 5 referrals & additional 30 days for each new referral 60 days for 2 referrals &  additional 30 days for each new referral
Reliability of Company Confirmed Paying
(Click to view Proof of Money)
Very High
Availability Worldwide Worldwide
Membership & Affiliate Fee ($200.00 + $29.25=) US$229.25  ($189.00 + $19.95=) US$208.95 
Trial Period Before Payment 15 days from the date of enrollment 10 days from the date of enrollment
Your Nominated Referrer

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