Proof of Payment from The PayLine Inc. 

Welcome to view this page displaying the checks from The PayLine members. Name of the recipients and Member ID have been rectified to preserve privacy. My vote of thanks goes to the PayLine members concerned for their kindness to submit the checks for posting.


Payment Slip for 2 Personal Sales or Referrals for first Payout effective 26-3-2001


Check for 2 Personal Sales for first Payout effective 26-3-2001

Payment Slip for 7 Personal Sales or Referrals for first Payout effective 26-3-2001


Check for 7 Personal Sales for first Payout effective 26-3-2001


Explanatory Notes on Cash Payouts:

The formula for computation of lump sum payout for Membership Sales made from 11-3-2001 till 26-3-2001 (16 days) is believed to be the same as for the daily cash payout. The formula = 50% x  P x M/K, where

P = Number of Point from Personal Sales ( 1 Personal Sale = 1 point)
M = Total Number of Membership Sales ($)
K = Total Points in the Cash Pool (If A made 2 Personal Sales, B made 6 Personal Sales, C made 7 Personal Sales,
        then Total Points in Cash Pool = 15 points)

Letís say, the total members who activated and paid their membership fee was 20,500 members. 

The total membership sales would be 20,500 x 170.75 (excluding affiliate fee $29.25) = $3,500,375.00. Sum allotted for paying out cash reward is 50% of the Total Membership Sales = $1,750,187.50. 

Total Points (1 Personal Sale or Referral  = 1 point) in the Cash Pool is estimated at 14,962 points for all members who made at least 2 Personal Sales. 

So the value per point is 1,750,187.50 divided by 14,962 = $116.98. That is $116.98 per point for 26-3-2001. If you made 2 Personal Sales, you would get 116.98 x 2 sales = $233.96 as seen from first check. If you made 7 Personal Sales, you would get 116.98 x 7 sales = $818.86 as seen from the second check. 

Comments & FAQ: From the Formula on Daily Cash Payout, you can see that the amount of Daily Payout is inversely proportionately to the Total Points in the Cash Pool.

  1. If a qualified member made a lot of Personal Sales, the Total Points in the Cash Pool will increase and the Value per point will decrease? Not at all, more Personal Sales will bring in more overall Total Membership Sales for sharing. 

  2. Value per point will decrease over a period of time as more new members qualify for rewards while old members did not make further sales? Not at all, old members who just made 2 personal sales can only receive rewards for 30 days and thereafter will not participate to receive rewards from the Cash Pool unless he make new sales.

  3. Your Earning Cap increase will be in effect for 1 year? The PayLine has clarified in their Email Update dated 16-3-2001 that the earning cap maintain for as long as you are an affiliate member. But do not mistaken this as a guaranteed daily payout limit; it is a maximum daily limit. 

The Editor's intention is to explain as how the daily cash payout will be derived and allocated for payment to each qualified member. It is not the intention to assure you of the guaranteed payout of $116.98 per point nor to indicate the actual number of PayLine members who had paid their membership fee to-date.



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