Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 11:20:21 -0700
From: Brian Booth <> 
Subject: re: Silver Bull vs Payline
To: Andrew Sui <>
Organization: FitnessAge

Good luck in whatever you choose to do ...  The Silver Bull may not 
even have travel and who on their team has any experience with this type of 
business.  They are looking to have an online auction service and they 
hope to sell bullion and other items but they have no clear focus.

We have on our team 2 people that have been in the travel industry for 
decades.  Wait to you see the specials that are on the site and tell me who you 
think will last the test of time.  We have a network of travel and 
hospitality services onboard with more members paying everyday in our program than 
others do just enrolling.  

If I was you, I'd put my effort in one area instead of comprimising 
results in both.  Besides, one has less credibility with others when they have 2 
visible offers that they are promooting. 

As your downline, I wonder how hard you would work for me and with me 
when you are openly promoting a seperate company as well.  I would have some 
doubts, wouldn't you?

Again, Good Luck.

(Director of Affiliate Relations)
The PayLine Inc.