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Friends' Web Links

Francis Lau Hing

He is the person who video taped our progammes and activities on our wedding day on 21-01-1999 for life time remembrance. He owns a video tapes shop in Sibu and is an experienced video cameraman. He has a brief website. (To link to his website, just click on his above name.)

Lam Chee Loong

I get to know him through the internet while using Netscape Search Engine to search for a graphic of a Malaysian flag. He has a well-designed Home Page furnishing much information about our country Malaysia.

Liew Tze Ping

She has a very nice and sweet home page. You will really feel welcomed when visiting her "sweet home". There is a Sweet Home's lay-out plan to guide you in case you're lost in her home! I get to know her through the Friends' Links from Lam Chee Loong's Home Page.

Susan Lim Siew Kee

She has a home page using frameset. I acquired some knowledge of web design from her home page. I get to know her through the Friends' Links from Lam Chee Loong's Home Page.

Terry's Website

This web site has a collection of mid music and oldies. I get to know him through the Internet while using search engine to look for wedding music for my photo page. Thanks a lot to Mr. Terry…

Note: The above web sites were first visited by me during my website building. It is noteworthy and advisable to pay a visit to their Home Page.  

Links Exchange (for non-commercial sites only). Link to your web site will be added to the above list if you have a complete Home Page of good moral values. Kindly sign up My Guest Book , describe briefly about your web site and provide me with your URL. For faster respone, kindly e-mail to me. Thanks.

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