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To: Sui
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Subject: The PayLine Company Update - 04/07/2001
Date: Sat, 07 Apr 2001 02:36:25 -0700

To All PayLine Members and Affiliates:

Welcome to The PayLine

Congratulations on joining the world’s most exciting Travel and 
Lifestyle Rewards Program. The PayLine has combined the allure of 
international travel, the Internet’s global reach and the power of networking to 
create a unique online program that offers members incredible 
opportunities to enhance their lives. Members are eager to take advantage of our 
Membership Benefits and are excited to be part of a young and dynamic 
company that is experiencing dramatic growth. We appreciate your strong 
support as we move into full operation of our travel division over the 
next 90 days.

New Additions to The PayLine Crew 

In our first three weeks of operation, we received over 20,000 pieces 
of mail and registered more than 20,000 paid members. We have added 20 
new mail processing, data entry and customer service employees to The 
PayLine Crew at our corporate office, and are now able to process over 
3,000 applications and individually respond to over 1,000 e-mails a day. 

Cash Bonus Calculations and Payouts Commence

The PayLine paid out in excess of $1 million in cash bonuses in the 
first payment to our Affiliates on March 26th. In this first bonus 
calculation, the point value was $116.98, and 28% of our initial Affiliates 
earned a cash bonus. Individual Affiliate checks issued ranged from 
$233.96 to $2,807.52.

Since our first payout, the cash bonus pool has once again accumulated 
in excess of $1 million. We began our daily calculation of cash bonuses 
on April 2nd, 2001, and these details will be posted to your account 
every day commencing April 12th.  As you know, The PayLine will pay out 
on the 1st and 15th of every month. 

Early Bird Special Closes Next Week

Due to the high demand we have been experiencing, and the added time 
required for our international members and affiliates to send in their 
payments, we are extending a grace period to join our program. Under the 
Early Bird Special, you have until April 12, 2001 to activate your 
membership at the special price of $200 and to qualify by making three 
membership sales, one of which can be your own membership purchase.  The 
PayLine now accepts on-line checks and personal checks (US and Canada 

Updates to The PayLine Website

The PayLine Travel Division is now in operation.  Visit our website and 
click on Travel Specials to explore our pre-launch offers, which are 
cash-only deals available to members at discounts of up to 70% on 
published retail prices. The PayLine X-Change opens in late April, and online 
booking using your PayLine miles will commence in May. 

We have also added a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list under the 
Membership Benefits section to make it easier for you to understand our 
program and share it with others.

Inside Travel Tips

We are launching The Official PayLine Travel Guide in May, which offers 
members the opportunity to become licensed as independent outside 
travel agents to earn additional income and have exclusive access to 
significant savings, discounts and upgrades as a travel professional.  

Our ultimate goal is to provide you, our members and affiliates, with 
the best possible opportunities and highest value, so look for upgrades 
and new developments in The PayLine’s products and services as we 
continue to build our unique Membership Benefits Program.  

Best of Success,

Lee W. Papier
Director of Operations