These are our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about The PayLine scheme that was emailed to on 29-3-2001 and Brian Booth on 3-4-2001. Their answers are shown after the questions.

... Let me ask you these questions for our information and clarification with our fellow members:

Question 1 
Out of 270,000 pre-enrolled members, how many members have paid up their membership fee and how many activations so far?

Question 2
Your website promises US$1000 earning cap for 1st 100,000 members, what we believe if the Total Points in the Cash Pool is increasing every month then the daily cash payout may be less than US$50 a day and never achieve US$1000 a day?

Question 3
Why your Company did not reply to my following email sent to on 19-3-2001 which is 20 days ago???? (We will forward an original copy to you separately for verification shortly.)

You have not replied within 24 hours on these questions. Please look into this matter immediately.

Please answer the following 5 questions precisely and we shall put on record on everything you say:-

Question 1
“Once qualified, your cap increase will be in effect for a period of one year. You may continue to re-qualify for the following years by continuing to introduce new membership sales to The PayLine.”

To re-qualify for the following year, how many new active members one have to refer to The PayLine? (If it is 5 new members then the member’s effort and contribution to The PayLine is NOT duly recognized and he is as good as a newly enrolled member. Do you want to join such Compensation Plan?)

Question 2
Enrolling before 30-3-2001, you only need 2 new active personally enrolled members to qualify for bonus miles and cash rewards.

If there are 3 active personally enrolled members, enrolled before 30-3-2001, how long can the member receive the rewards from The Payline? Is it just for 30 days or the additional period of 30 days Rule shall apply. That is can he qualify for 60 days earnings by having 3 active members personally referred by him?

Question 3
If there are more than 100 new memberships sold in a day, let say 50,000 new memberships sold in a single day, what is the daily cash earnings for members who has 3 active members? Is it just this amount (3/50,000 x 50% x 10,000,000 =) US$300 a day?

If that is so, then there is no difference in the amount received a day for 100 sales and 50,000 sales in a single day. The member prefers only 100 sales a day to receive the rewards for a longer period.

How do the member know how many membership sales have been made in a single day? Is there any system for the
member to see apart from the Accumulated Cash Available section in the Member’s Account Page?

There is a reduction from 60 days earnings to just 30 days for qualifying members and lot of pre-enrolled members are very discouraged to see the plan changed just overnight? What rules and guidelines have been set to prevent any unfavorable amendments? Some people feel that this Payline’s MDP Compensation Plan is a scam? What do you say?

We await to hear from you.

Thank you.

We are hoping The PayLine will succeed in the network for a long time in the world market that is why we are very concerned about the performance of the company as a whole. Please treat our opinions as constructive remarks and not otherwise.

Please reply to us ASAP. Thanks.

God bless you and Have a Nice Day!

Andrew Sui

1st Reply from Brian Booth of The PayLine

From:  Brian Booth <>
To:  Andrew Sui <>
Subject:  ... changed to Questions on Rewards
Date:  Wed, 4 Apr 2001 08:34:07 -0700

We appreciate all your questions; however, why do you ask them from a
less than positive point of view?  The way you word your questions one would think
that our companies goal is to trick you or mislead you.

Can I remind you that we are in business to accomplish great goals and
visions. Our dreams must be big enough to allow yours and the other affiliates
dreams to fit inside of ours.  We are looking to the future and every decision
we make is carefully considered over a period of time without emotional

Keep in mind we have really been in business for only 16 days.  We had
changed the plan from the original version out of necessity and then when we
were ready we accepted money. That says a lot I think. I will answer your questions
Andrew, but we need you to be thinking from a different viewpoint.  Are you
trying to build this program?  I'd much rather spend my valuable time with people
who want to make things happen instead of asking questions with intent to
uncover some type of behind the scenes scam that does not exist.

We would welcome any ideas that you may have that could make our program
better for both parties.  You see, our obligation is to provide our members and
affiliates with a unique and genuine program which allows them rewards
from just saving money on travel to making a business for themselves within
our business.  We have brought together a team of people that are very good
at what they do instead of trying to figure it out ourselves.  We put our ego's
on the side and delegated parts of our business to the experts.

All of that being said, allow me to answer your questions.
1.  We have not given that much thought as of yet, but I am confident it
will be friendly.  My view is from the distributor side.  I would want it to
be as simple as possible while at the same time balancing what is good for the
company.  Give me your recommendation.

2.  In this scenario, it is 3 points for one month, not 2 for one and
then 1 for one like you have described.  It would appear that this is a direct
sales plan which is why we are also adding a back end unilevel comp plan which
is going into effect very soon, meaning this week or as late as next week. 
I don't have the details on it for you now.

3.  This depends on how many points are in the pool.  Truthfully, there
will be alot of points in the pool for the month of April.  This will make the
point value lower than we would like at times.   As these businesses go, many
people will hit the qualification and then do some more work on it later on if
at all.
    The month of May will offer greater point values. The point values will
range from $5.00 to $125.00 on a daily basis, while the average might be
closer to $15- $20.  If you are average, you could expect to make about $300.00 a
month. You will not get rich with 2 points at any time in our program.

4.  I don't believe we have a plan to show those numbers any time soon,
but I can see how that would help affiliates understand the plan better.  Do
you have any ideas on this?

5.  The plan was not changed overnight and it was changed before we
accepted any funds.  This business is being shaped for long term success, so that
needed to be changed.

6.  This will be available once the final deadline is over.  We can't
show you numbers that are still depending on the receipt of activation funds. 
All those that have indicated they wish to pay have or have had a fair chance to
get their money in by April 12th.  By the 16th we will have the net miles
available to everyone.  Most people understood this.

Thanks for your questions and I look forward to your feedback that I can
share with my management team.

Brian Booth
Director of Affiliate Relations

Remarks: You may email to Brian Booth <> if you feel that he has not given satisfactory answers. I will email to him shortly.

This Reply answered Question 2 perfectly well.

Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 12:22:13 -0700
From: Brian Booth <>  
Subject: re: Duration of Rewards from The PayLine
To: Sui
Organization: FitnessAge

2 sales qualifies you for 30 days.  Each additional sale represents another 30 days of earnings.

(Director of Affiliate Relations) The PayLine Inc.

Another Reply from The PayLine

From:  Carrie Hogan <>
To:  Andrew Sui <>
Date:  Mon, 16 Apr 2001 12:40:45 -0700
Dear Andrew,

Let us try to answer your question:

1) I25,000 (approx) have paid to this date.
2) I cannot give you the exact numbers on what you will earn daily.
3) We have thousand of e-mails coming in daily, we are working as fast as we can to answer them all.
4) How many members you will need for the following year has not been announced yet.
5) Each member refered and paid will qualify you for 30 days of cash earnings after you have refered 
   2 paid members.  So if one person is brought in on April 1 you have 30 days from that date. 
   Say you bring in another member on April 5, you have 30 days from that date.
6) I cannot give you specific cash earnings due to the fact that I do not know how much money 
   is going to arrive at our office for a particular day.
7) We do not have a system that affiliates can access to view the amount of sales made that 
   day but that is a good suggestion.
8) The PayLine is not a scam.  We have gone through the Attorney General of California to make
   sure we have taken care of any discrepancies.

Thank you,