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Subject:  The PayLine Company Update - 3/16/01
Date:  Fri, 16 Mar 2001 09:08:36 -0600

Hello Sui,

It has been an exciting first week at The PayLine.  We have received over 38,000
on-line activations and based on those numbers, that would equate to over
$5,000,000.00 in cash and mile rewards to be issued for payment to all qualified
affiliates.  Your excitement is keeping everyone at the office very busy, which
includes the mail-man (Just today, he was at our offices for over an hour!).

In addition to the membership activations, we have also been getting some good
questions.  Here is a list of the five most frequently asked questions, followed
by our answers.

QUESTION:  Can my "PayLine Miles" be used to purchase products other than plane
tickets, and how will I access them.

ANSWER:  Yes.  You will be able to trade your "PayLine Miles" for plane tickets,
cruises and other goods and services.  We will continue to add to your
selection, increasing your usability.  To access your "PayLine Miles", simply go
to the X-Change and select what you want... from a plane ticket, to a much
needed vacation, or any other products available.

QUESTION:  Will you start computing commissions prior to April 1st, and when is
the Payline going to start Paying?

ANSWER:  Yes!  We are going to begin calculating commissions THIS COMING
MONDAY...MARCH 19, 2001, which means… We will start calculating on the day we
receive your activation form in our offices.  Any funds earned up to March 30th,
will be available for you to on April 2nd, 2001.

QUESTION:  Will there be any way to see which people in my organization have
activated and sent in their monies prior to March 30, 2001?

Answer:  Yes, we will be showing all of your pertinent information, including
activations, total organization size, etc.. in your account section.  We will
inform you when the new accounting is available for viewing.

QUESTION:  If someone whom I have referred, chooses not to activate, will the
people under them still count as sales for me?

Answer:  Yes.  If you refer someone who does not activate, anyone they referred
would automatically count as sales for you.  For example:  If you referred 2
people, one of which was Allen, and he referred 10 members (each who
activated)... If Allen decided not to activate, then the 10 members would still
count as sales for you.

QUESTION:  Will the increased daily earning cap of $1,000.00 be in effect for 1

Answer:  If you enroll and activate prior to March 30, 2001, your daily earnings
cap will remain at $1,000.00 per day… for as long as you are a affiliate!

MORE FAQ COMING SOON - We are completing our new Frequently Asked Questions list
(FAQ) and will be posting them to the site shortly.

If you have not already activated… just click the link below and fill out the
quick form…  The longer you wait the more miles and cash you’ll be missing out

The PayLine Crew