Earning Cash

How do I qualify? 

To become a PayLine Affiliate and qualify for cash rewards, simply introduce five new Members to The PayLine. (Enroll by March 30, 2001, and only you'll only need to introduce two new Members to qualify.) From the day we receive activation fees from  these new Members, you will enter the Cash Bonus Pool and be eligible to receive up to $500 cash per day. You automatically participate in the Cash Bonus Pool for 30 days after you first qualify, and you can extend your participation for another 30 days each time you introduce an additional PayLine Member.

How does the Cash Bonus Pool work?

The Cash Bonus Pool is very similar to a profit share. As a PayLine Affiliate and qualified participant in the Cash Bonus Pool, you benefit from every new PayLine membership sold while you are in the pool. The more total membership sales, the more cash in the pool. And, the more new membership sales you refer, the greater your share of the rewards. 

Each Member you introduce earns you one point in the Cash Bonus Pool. For example, when you first qualify by referring five new membership sales, you will have five points in the Cash Bonus Pool. To calculate your daily cash earnings, we divide your points by the total points in the pool to determine your percentage (%) share of the cash in the pool. We use this percentage value to calculate the actual dollar amount deposited daily into your PayLine Cash Balance Account.

To maintain the integrity of the company, a 50% maximum commission rule has been established, which applies to the total commissions paid out on any given day. For example, if 100 new memberships were sold today, The PayLine receives total gross membership revenue of $20,000, of which a maximum of 50% ($10,000) is allocated to the Cash Bonus Pool.

If there were a total of 100 points in the pool, and $10,000 was allocated towards the bonus pool that day, then each point would be worth $100. If you introduced five members, then you would have five points in the pool, earning you $500 for the day.

Can I earn more than $500 a day?

Continue to introduce new membership sales to The PayLine, and you can increase the daily cash earnings limit*.

5 Membership Sales: up to $500 per day

25 Membership Sales: up to $2,500 per day

50 Membership Sales: up to $5,000 per day

*Once qualified, your cap increase will be in effect for a period of one year. You may continue to re-qualify for following years by continuing to introduce new membership sales to The PayLine.

How do I access my cash account?

Your password-protected account will show your daily earnings balance and a complete statement of your total earnings. You will be able to redeem your daily earnings on the 1st and 15th of every month by simply clicking on the Request Cash button, and completing a brief request form to indicate your preference for payment by check or electronic transfer. Your funds will be sent within 72 hours of your request.