I am particularly interested to make a high performance UHF TV antenna.

I managed to modify the VHF TV Antenna to UHF antenna with some success. There is around 20% gain in the reception as compared to an un-modified commercial VHF/UHF TV antenna.  With the NTV7 channel in the Sarawak region, it is worthwhile to modify your old TV antenna to receive the program - add to your choice.  As for my National TV set, I can get good picture at Ch 1 - 6.

If you are interested to make UHF antenna, the elements are from A to Q only. Elements R to T are for VHF antenna. By combination, you can watch both UHF & VHF channels though there is difficulty to adjust your antenna position suitably to avoid "ghostly" pictures. In Sibu area, it is said the best position is facing towards the rising sun. That is the shorter element is pointing towards east. You can try it out!

UHF Antenna

 The layout diagram of the antenna is as shown:


Boom = 7 feet

Length of Elements

(cm) Distance between elements (cm)
A 14.3 AB 8.6
B 14.3 BC 8.6
C 15.2 CD 9.0
D 15.2 DE 9.0
E 16.1 EF 9.0
F 16.1 FG 9.5
G 16.6 GH 9.5
H 16.6 HI 9.5
I 18.0 IJ 9.5
J 18.0 JK 10.5
K 19.0 KL 10.5
L 19.0 LM 10.5
M 19.0 MN 8.6
N 20.0 NO 7.6
O 23.76 OP 12.2
2 pcs at  P (PVC) 26.6 Separation of 2 Elements at P 15.0
Q 26.6 PQ 2.0
R 60.0 QR 22
Folded Dipole  S 75.0 R - Center point S 16
T 84.0 Center point S -  T 28


As the boom is long, an U bar is used to better support it from movement caused by wind load. The coaxial cable is to be connected at X and Y and connected further at an original folded dipole UW.

If the signal is still poor, then get a booster to boost the incoming signal.

Any comments, please email me